Brighton Ski Resort

Advertising | Web Design | UX, UI

Boasting over 500" of snow annually and being the only "real" place to ride up Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon (easy now...) Brighton needed an amazing website to match. We’ve worked with Brighton over the last few years for their pre-season push, but for the 2014-15 season they wanted more. We developed a campaign beginning with “Get your sweet little pass up here,” and worked well into the season. Then there was the website...Brighton had a website. It needed a lot of help. We helped. We built if from the ground up. Streamlined, mobile, and with a robust CMS that could be easily maintained in-house. Almost as good as catching some freshies on a bluebird day.

Website Redesign
Custom Icon Set
Additional copywriting: Travis Gray Development: Justin Daining, Reah Sandberg Rumor Advertising