InstructureCon 2019



Creative Direction 
Event Design
Art Direction

Over 3,000 educators gathered in Long Beach, California for a week of learning and sharing insights on how their institutions utilize the Canvas learning platform. I worked on every aspect of the visual design: from branding, to swag and wayfinding, all the way up to stage design. If you were looking at it, I created it. 

Toni Isom

Adam Sanders

Event Directors:
Jackie Burrell & Bailey Haslam


The Conference Experience

The Long Beach Convention Center is 400,000 square feet of pure meeting and exhibit space chock-full of networking adrenaline. Within that, I created separate stage designs for all three days, including a beach, and drive-in theater. The exhibit hall featured an entire late-50's surf town complete with a bowling alley, lifeguard tower, record store, and swag shack used for partners and the Instructure product ecosystem. All executed by your boy.


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